Join us on Thursdays for pizza and salad to hear about ongoing research by Netter students. This semester, the Netgene Colab, a project of the Netter Genomics and Personalized Medicine Interest Group, is hosting a new Research Lunch series, designed to offer Netter students from any year an opportunity to present their work-in-progress. Students sign up to present research from different disciplines, ranging from health policy to cancer genomics. This is a safe space for students to share what they are currently working on, receive support from their peers, and practice talking about their research. If you are interested in presenting, visit to learn more and sign up for any of the remaining open spots. We welcome presentations of summer research, capstone proposals, or even research you may have worked on before coming to Netter. All are welcome. The only requirement is that the work must be unfinished.

THU, AUG 19, 12-1pm

Presenter: Jack Goodman
Title: Cancer Genomics and Patient Survival

This week's presenter is Jack Goodman, who is a second-year medical student at Netter.  Before coming to Netter, he received his M.S. in Biochemistry from Johns Hopkins, where he worked on discovery of small mollecule therapeutics for orphan diseases and SARS-CoV-2. This summer he did research on metabolomics of melanoma at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. He will be presenting his ongoing work on cancer metabolism and patient survival that he started as a first-year medical student at Netter, as a part of the Netgene Colab.